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未知个人资料照片Good visibility
High protection level
CE certified by EN207

Dear Sir/Madam,

It's glad to know you from your awesome website.

We focus on laser safety products for more than 10 years. Our main products including laser protective glasses, IPL safety goggles, laser protection windows etc., We provide OEM and customized service according to customer's different application.

Below is some our models for you choose --

ITEM01. 200-532nm O.D6+
315-532nm DIRM LB5
Transmittance: 50%
Special for: UV and 532nm green laser

ITEM02. 200-532nm O.D6+ & 900-1100nm O.D5+
315-532nm DIRM LB5 900-1070nm DIR LB5
Transmittance: 30%
Special for: 532nm &1064nm combination

ITEM03. 600-700nm O.D4+
620-700nm DIR LB4
Transmittance: 50%
Special for: 635nm, 694nm

ITEM04. 630-660nm O.D3+ & 800-830nm O.D5+
630-660nm DIR LB3 800-830nm DIR LB5
Transmittance: 30%
Special for: 635nm, 808nm

ITEM05. 630-660nm O.D3+ & 900-1100nm O.D5+
630-660nm DIR LB3 900-1100nm DIR LB5
Transmittance: 30%
Special for: 635nm, 980nm

ITEM06. 740-850nm O.D 5+
740-850nm DIR LB5
Transmittance: 45%
Special for: 755nm, 808nm

ITEM07. 740-1100nm O.D 5+
740-1100nm DIR LB5
Transmittance: 40%
Special for: 755nm-1064nm

ITEM08. 800-1100nm O.D 5+
800-1100nm DIR LB5
Transmittance: 60%
Special for: 810nm-980nm

ITEM09. 800-1700nm O.D 4+
800-1400nm DIR LB4
Transmittance: 40%
Special for: 1064nm, 1320nm, 1470nm

ITEM10. 10600nm O.D 6+
10600nm DI LB3
Transmittance: 90%
Special for: CO2 laser

The above is a corner of us, for more information please feel free to let us know with your lasers applications, our specialist will give you the most suitable recommendation.

Thank you,

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